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  • Amplifying Your Features for Fall Family Photos

    You deserve to feel fantastic.

    Considering hiring a makeup artist for your next family photo session. Hiring a makeup artist not only supports a local business but helps you feel fantastic on camera when you are being immortalized in family photos. So if it would make you feel good- hire a makeup artist and hairstylist for your next family shoot.

    If you are planning to do your makeup yourself here are a few tips.

    1. Skin Prep

    Exfoliate, moisturize and apply primer.

    2. Concealer

    Brighten up darkness in the corners of your eye and provide a base for eye shadow. Don't add concealer under the eye until later keep it fresh.

    3. Eye Shadow and Liner

    Apply matte eye shadows. Use matte eye shadows because sometimes shimmer eye shadows can cause issues with camera

    4. Brows

    Brows are important for photos because they frame the eye. Lighter brows can sometimes get lost in photos. Use brow pomade to fill in brows and highlight.

    5. Foundation

    For photos I would recommend a medium to full coverage. Apply foundation after your eye shadows to avoid any shadow getting in your foundation and making it muddy.

    6. Contouring

    Camera friendly contour to help define under cheek bones and jaw line. The jawline contour is important during photos to create definition between your face and neck.

    7. Concealer

    Go back underneath your eye and over any blemishes or discolorations.

    8. Face Powder

    Set makeup and take out any shine.

    9. Mascara

    Apply it after powder so that if there is any powder on your lashes the mascara will clean it up.

    10. Lip Colour

    For this look you want your eyes to be the focal point but you need to apply a little colour so your lips aren't lost in the photo.


    So there you have it, some quick tips for your next family photo shoot. Try this a few times before the photo shoot so you have time to practice the look and don't forget to go a little bolder that you normally would. Follow these tips and you feel and look fantastic in that next family photo.



  • Introducing Elate Cosmetics Unify Powder in Matte, Glow and Bronze

    These multi-use and refillable loose powders finish off your natural beauty rituals with a sweep, dust, or press of a light and airy powder to feel good about. The 5 sheer shades in each Unify Powder blend effortlessly while diffusing textures and smoothing the skin’s surface. The best part? You have the ability to purchase the plastic-free refill and pour into your Elate Bamboo Jar, or other jar of your choice rather than buying an entirely new container; after all, the most sustainable container is the one you already own and can reuse.
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    We love how great a pop of colour on our lips makes us feel. We love it even more when that happy pop of colour stays put. (Especially when wearing on a mask to run a quick errand!) 

    So how do you keep your lipstick looking great for hours at a time? It starts with how you care for your lips. We have some quick, easy tips on how to care for your lips as well as a couple pro (but easy) application techniques to share as well.  

  • Tools and Tricks- Which Brush Do I Use for That?

    Which brush to use for that? This handy little guide will help you decipher when and how to use your makeup brushes. 

    Do you have a favourite brush in your clean makeup ritual? 

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