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  • Amplifying Your Features for Fall Family Photos

    You deserve to feel fantastic.

    Considering hiring a makeup artist for your next family photo session. Hiring a makeup artist not only supports a local business but helps you feel fantastic on camera when you are being immortalized in family photos. So if it would make you feel good- hire a makeup artist and hairstylist for your next family shoot.

    If you are planning to do your makeup yourself here are a few tips.

    1. Skin Prep

    Exfoliate, moisturize and apply primer.

    2. Concealer

    Brighten up darkness in the corners of your eye and provide a base for eye shadow. Don't add concealer under the eye until later keep it fresh.

    3. Eye Shadow and Liner

    Apply matte eye shadows. Use matte eye shadows because sometimes shimmer eye shadows can cause issues with camera

    4. Brows

    Brows are important for photos because they frame the eye. Lighter brows can sometimes get lost in photos. Use brow pomade to fill in brows and highlight.

    5. Foundation

    For photos I would recommend a medium to full coverage. Apply foundation after your eye shadows to avoid any shadow getting in your foundation and making it muddy.

    6. Contouring

    Camera friendly contour to help define under cheek bones and jaw line. The jawline contour is important during photos to create definition between your face and neck.

    7. Concealer

    Go back underneath your eye and over any blemishes or discolorations.

    8. Face Powder

    Set makeup and take out any shine.

    9. Mascara

    Apply it after powder so that if there is any powder on your lashes the mascara will clean it up.

    10. Lip Colour

    For this look you want your eyes to be the focal point but you need to apply a little colour so your lips aren't lost in the photo.


    So there you have it, some quick tips for your next family photo shoot. Try this a few times before the photo shoot so you have time to practice the look and don't forget to go a little bolder that you normally would. Follow these tips and you feel and look fantastic in that next family photo.



  • Adding Facial Rolling to Your Beauty Ritual- The Benefits of This Ancient Chinese Practice

    Face rolling tools are typically made from jade, rose quartz and amethyst and are designed to gently massage the face and stimulate the lymphatic system to get rid of toxins, ease muscle tension, decrease puffiness and stimulate blood-flow to increase your skin’s glow.
  • Introducing Mount Lai- Newest Product at Green Tree Beauty

    Mount Lai believes in wisdom through the ages. Mount Lai products are based around practices used in Traditional Chinese Medicine, passed down through generations. Gua sha and facial rolling have been healing modalities used for centuries, shared from one family member to another, like Mount Lai founder, Stephanie Zheng, and her grandmother.
  • Huna's Founder Shares Her Beauty Rituals

    So which products does Huna Founder, Heather Urquhart, keep in her bathroom vanity for her own skincare ritual? She shared her secrets for her vivacious, glowing skin with us.  


    I absolutely love the Cleansing Crème to cleanse my skin without stripping my skin’s moisture, both morning & night.  My skin seriously loves this stuff.  It is so moisturizing and removes every last bit of my makeup, sunscreen, and grime from a long day.  Even eye-makeup removes easily with the Cleansing Creme.  Yes…for reals!  It leaves my skin perfectly cleansed, soft and smooth.
    I follow with Botanical Face Mist in the morning & throughout the day, for a refreshing hydration boost…it’s like a thirst-quenching drink for skin.  At night, I loyally use our Exfoliate Fruit Extract Face Toner.  This product is my holy grail for waking up with fresh-looking, clear, bright, and even-toned skin each and every morning.  It is an AHA (alpha hydroxy acid) formula made from 100% fruit acid extracts- think oranges and lemons.  Yum.  It also contains strawberries which are a natural source of salicylic acid, so it really busts through blemishes overnight too.  I’m a huge fan of a good dual-purpose product.

    Cleansing CremeFirming eye cremeClarify Exfoliate Fruit Extract

     I always follow with the Revitalize Age-Grace Face Serum.  Hydration and Antioxidants.  You need those two essentials covered every single day to maintain optimal healthy skin.  This is Huna’s signature beauty staple and longstanding#1 seller- and for very good reason.  The Revitalize Age-Grace Face Serum provides deep phytonutrient-rich hydration- yet soaks in super fast, feels ultralight and silky smooth.  It delivers potent antioxidant protection to protect skin from the premature aging effects of environmental free radical damage.   Use it in the morning to protect your skin all day, and use it at night to support the skin’s natural repair process. 
    I am crazy proud of our Firming Eye Cream.  It is a highly-effective vegan formula made with sea kelp, vegetable ceramides, cocoa, and vegan hyaluronic acid.  It is very lightweight, quick-absorbing, non-greasy.  You will feel it immediately hydrate, soothe, and soak into skin right away.  I  formulated it specifically to address all of the key first signs of aging which impact the eye area- dehydration, dark under-eye circles, puffiness, lack of firmness, decreased elasticity, and fine lines.  This puppy is my saving grace.  I am prone to very dark under-eye circles, so I use it day and night.  I am never without it.
    If I need an extra moisture boost (especially in Canada’s cold winter months), then I’ll use Huna’s Skin Nutrition Balm to nourish, repair, regenerate, and deeply moisturize my skin.  It makes such a great overnight skin treatment.  The Skin Nutrition Balm is amazing- it instantly moisturizes, and skin looks healthy and nourished immediately.  It really seals in moisture and protects skin from trans-epidermal moisture loss.  It feels really good waking up to baby soft, smooth, hydrated and supple skin. 
    In the summer months, I often switch up my skin routine.  I have a deep mad-love for botanical oils- they are excellent for improving and maintaining beautiful healthy skin.  However at the change of season to warmer weather and higher humidity levels, I listen to what my skin wants and sometimes incorporate lighter-weight skin products.
    Ultimately, your skin routine needs to be about you listening to your skin.  Your skin will tell you when it needs more or less moisture, attention to breakouts or congested pores, more natural or less irritating skincare and cosmetics products, or protection from the outside elements.  Listen to your skin.  Learn and love your skin.  Develop a lasting relationship with your beautiful skin.
    Age Grace Serum
    Firming Eye Creme
    Nutrition Skin Balm
    I love treating my skin to a weekly self-care ritual.  Exfoliation and deep-cleansing face mask.  Oh yes.  Time to detox and wind-down from another crazy week beautiful.  You did it.  You made it.  You not only survived, you conquered this week.  Heck, you owned this week- you foxy vixen.  Good for you.  You deserve a day that is just for you.
    Sundays are my usual self-care days.  It is the day that I plan out the next week, do laundry, organize the house, and grocery shop for fresh nutritious foods for the week ahead.  It is also the day that I prioritize myself and my needs.  I do a deep meditation in the morning, followed by an extended flow yoga class.
      I often make a sugar scrub to take in the shower and buff my body to a glistening shine.  Then my beloved weekly face routine.  I cleanse as usual with our Cleansing Crème.  Then I do a deep exfoliation using the Huna Sandalwood Microexfoliator + Mask.  Pure heaven.  Be sure to use a gentle touch- this stuff is powerful.  Your skin just may see results in a single use.  It is sustainably and ethically sourced premium-grade Sandalwood- and the scent alone is such a divine sensory experience. Breathe in deeply and fully.  Enjoy.
    I always follow with a face mask.  If I need some firming, toning and brightening- then I just leave the Sandalwood on as a mask for about 15 minutes.  If I need more of a deep-pore cleanse, pore refining and brightening rejuvenation, then I use our Superfood Detox Mask.  An incredible blend of 22 botanicals and 3 spa-grade clays have been specially selected to deeply nourish, feed and replenish skin cells with essential vitamins, antioxidants and phytonutrients- bringing back
    Huna Superfood Mask
    I’m hard on my nails, but I love for them to look manicured and tidy.  I usually wear nail polish, which means my nails sometimes wind up dehydrated, undernourished, and damaged.  Every night I treat my nails & cuticles to Huna’s natural nail care.  The Nail + Cuticle Oil is excellent for strengthening and nourishing nails back to health, and the Nail + Cuticle Crème repairs dry, dehydrated, damaged cuticles.
    Huna Cuticle Oil
    My lips don’t get ignored either.  Lips should be soft, smooth, supple & healthy.  Huna lip care is infused with Huna’s homegrown organic Calendula flower, which is scientifically demonstrated to increase skin hydration levels, while healing damaged skin by promoting regeneration of healthy new skin cells.
    Huna Lip Shine
    Hope you found this information helpful!  It may sound like a lot of products or steps in your skin routine- but that’s because I like my skin routine to be very complete and thorough.  Maybe your skin is healthy and happy with just 2 or 3 basic skin steps- cleanse, tone, moisturize.  Whatever is right for you and your skin health.  Again, just listen to your skin and let it guide you.
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