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  • Happy New Year and Thank-you For All Your Support in 2020!

    Happy New Year and Thank-you For All Your Support in 2020! 

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    2020 was certainly a wild year for everyone. Each of us found ourselves challenged in ways we never imagined. However, despite the hardness and scariness of it all, our Green Tree Beauty Community managed to do so much good. 

    Here are some of the highlights. This year, because of you:⁣ 

    1404 trees were planted via One Tree Planted

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    $1653 was donated to vital organizations supporting our community's most vulnerable. ⁣

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    718 Plastic cosmetic compacts were kept out of the landfill because you chose to use Elate Cosmetics refillable bamboo palettes instead. ⁣ 

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    Thank Your, Green Tree Beauty Community.

    Thank-you for supporting our small, Canadian-owned business. Thank-you for supporting our local and global community. ⁣ 

    Thank-you for supporting our planet and home.⁣ Happy New Year! All the best to you and yours in 2021! ⁣

    Jennilee Cardinal-Schultz

  • Did You Know We Plant a Tree For Every Order?

    Did You Know We Plant a Tree For Every Order?

    Jennilee Cardinal-Schultz

    As you may remember, before closing their doors, our friends at Alchemy Clothing Tattoo & Hair used to host volunteer tree planting weekends. Every year, a group of volunteers would plant trees in Northern Saskatchewan. Green Tree Beauty would use a portion of each sale to buy a portion of those thousands of trees as well as help plant them (hence our name, Green Tree Beauty). When Alchemy closed, we had to rethink how we would plant trees. 

    We took our time, did our research.... ⁣ We are pleased to announce that we have partnered with One Tree Planted to plant a tree for every order placed. Since May 2020, we have planted 1404 across the globe on behalf of our Green Tree Beauty Community. ⁣ 


    Why One Tree Planted?  

    One Tree Planted is an environmental charity that plants trees on 6 continents. We love that we can designate trees to be planted in Canada as well as other areas in climate crisis. ⁣




    Why trees? ⁣ 

    They clean the air we breathe. ⁣ 

    Filter the water we drink. ⁣ 

    Provide habitat for biodiversity.⁣ 

    Help mitigate climate change. ⁣ 

    Improve overall health.




    Click here for more information about One Tree Planted and Check Out 9 Tips to A Sustainable New Year.

    9 Tips to A Happy Sustainable New Year

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