Zyderma Gold & Platinum Blackhead Extractor & Tweezers Set

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If you're going to pick, pick responsibly!

Zyderma professional grade 24k Gold & Platinum Plated Blackhead Extractor & Tweezer Set is perfect for managing blackheads. With the slightest pressure, in a small localized area, you are minimizing the risk of damaging your skin. 

This set includes:

  • 1 curved fine point tweezers 
  • 1 double loop comedone extractor

To use:

  • Cleanse face & hands thoroughly with soap and warm water.
  • Use a warm towel compress to open pores. 
    Optional: gently massage area moisturizer to loosen blackheads and lubricate skin.
  • Loop Extractor: Place loop opening over clogged pore. Apply gentle pressure and move across the area to release contents.
  • Tweezers: Apply gentle pressure with the flat bottom of the tweezers on either side of comedone. Once it is raised, gently grab and pull the plug out.
  • Don’t continue if the clogged pore does not easily release the plug.
  • Gently cleanse and moisturizethe skin after completion.
  • Thoroughly wash and rinse tools after each use.

Warning: Excessive or prolonged force can damage skin cells. Please follow instructions.


Gold and platinum


Reduced exposure to nickel: Plating with non-reactive metals such as gold & platinum reduces exposure to nickel - a metal found in stainless steel that is a common skin allergen. 

Corrosion-resistant: Gold and platinum are impervious to both moisture and acid and will not oxidize, even when exposed to sterilizing solutions. Note: Platinum is harder than gold and better suited for general wear and tear, which is why Zyderma chose this metal to plate the tips.


Aluminum case and cork. (Cork has antimicrobial properties and provides a non-abrasive holder for the precious metal plating.)

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