Pranic Forest - Facial Mist - Time Warp Antioxidant

Pranic Forest

Pranic Forest - Time Warp Antioxidant Facial Mist
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Pranic Forest's hydrosols are organically grown, wildcrafted and artisan distilled on the shores of lake Okanagan, BC. They are not the by product of essential oil making, rather in this case they are the chief product. They are not floral waters boiled up on the stove top. They are true hydrosols engaged in the distillation process using an alambique copper distiller from Portugal that is lead free. Its a long process, yet a labour of love, plant sprit connection, and nothing short of sweet smelling alchemy.  Time Warp hydrosol is wildcrafted labrador tea. This hydrosol is especially beneficial for ageing skin. During the distillation process, do essential oils are not separated from the final product, Pranic Forest hydrosols are extremely concentrated and aromatic. Labrador tea herb boasts one of the strongest antioxidant values, even higher than vitamin C. This makes an excellent facial toner for ageing skin, to further. essential oil of geranium and palmarosa.



Wildcrafted labrador tea, essential oil of geranium and palmarosa.

To use:

After cleansing spritz palms and pat onto face with time warp, prior to moisturizing. 

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