Northlore Botanical Bodycare - Plains Mud Mask

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This all-natural facial mask detoxifies and absorbs dirt and oil to minimize pores and brighten your complexion.   

  • Activated Charcoal Powder draws dirt and oils from deep beneath pores, aiding your body’s ability to naturally detoxify 
  • Ethically mined Bentonite Clay has strong absorbent properties to eliminate toxins from skin
  • This mask draws blood to the surface of skin to promote circulation and cell turnover, and reduces inflammation to heal acne scars and skin discoloration 
  • Scented with peppermint and sweet fennel essential oils for their antibacterial and refreshing aromatherapy properties 


Mix with water to form a smooth paste and apply to face with fingers or a brush. Let dry completely and then remove gently in circular motions with warm water or a facecloth. Allow it to dry until mask lightens for maximize absorbency (10-15 minutes). Use a warm face cloth to gently remove the mask by soaking and wiping in circular motions to exfoliate. Follow up by moisturizing with a facial serum. 

To custom blend for your skin type, mix with;

  • Green tea (full of antioxidants and good for all skin types)
  • Yogurt (oily skin)
  • Honey (dry skin)


SK bentonite clay, activated charcoal powder, therapeutic grade essential oils of sweet fennel & peppermint

Packaged in a reusable, recyclable 4 oz. glass jar

Social Good:
- Not tested on animals 
- Made in Canada
- Eco-friendly packaging