Northlore Botanical Bodycare - Glacier Salt Soak in Renew

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Sprinkle these sparkling mineral crystals into your bathwater to relieve sore muscles, cleanse skin, and relax your body.

  • Ethically sourced Canadian glacier minerals salts;

    • soften, hydrate, and tone skin

    • draw out toxins

    • ease sore muscles

    • promote circulation to flush out sickness

  • Wildcrafted Prairie Sage and garden-grown White Sage are full of rich plant oils that work to ease sore muscles and menstrual cramps and sooth skin irritations

  • Richly scented with an essential oil blend containing notes of cedarwood, wintergreen, and lavender


Sprinkle a healthy handful into bath water and soak your weary limbs.


Glacier mineral salts, Salvia apianis (white sage) leaf, Artemisia frigida (prairie sage), *essential oil blend.

Packaged in a 16 oz. reusable, recyclable glass jar

Social Good:
- A tree is planted by Green Tree Beauty when you purchase this product
- Not tested on animals 
- Made in Canada
- Eco-friendly packaging

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