Alauna Whelan Handcrafted Luxury Goods - Femininity - Water Ritual Mist

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Alauna Whelan Handcrafted Luxury Goods - Femininity - Water Ritual Mist
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Water represents femininity through intuition, flexibility, and receptivity.

Water shows us the power of going with the flow. It soothes our emotions and its buoyancy supports us. There are cycles to all things in life, some move fast, other's move more slowly. 

Water is strong in it's femininity. This element is represented by blending botanicals that were traditionally used to heal feminine imbalances.

Essential oils of clary sage, geranium, and lavender give this mist a strong, floral, and earthy scent.

This mist can be used as a mid-afternoon pickup, meditation tool, or linen spray. Pop in the fridge and use as a cooling spray.

10 ml

To honour nature, only the purest ingredients are used. These products are free from harmful synthetic fragrances and dyes.

All products are lovingly made by hand, in small batches.

To Use:

Shake before use. Mist yourself for an aromatic pick-up or meditation tool. Spray linens, bedding, and towels.



Chamomile floral water, grain alcohol, essential oils of cedarwood, patchouli, vetiver, radish root ferment filtrate (natural preservative), black tourmaline gems.

Social Good: 

- Made in Canada
- Cruelty Free
- Recyclable Container
- Minimal Packaging

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