26 Lentils - Charmingly Irregular Cotton Rounds

26 Lentils

26 Lentils - Charmingly Irregular Cotton Rounds made in canada, made in saskatchewan low waste sustainable
  • $8.00

These charmingly irregular cotton rounds are a great way to reduce your waste in your nightly routine. These double layered cotton rounds are soft, cute and completely reusable. Cute cotton print on one side with soft cotton fleece on the other. Although they may not be perfectly round, we think that the irregular shape just adds to the handmade charm.

Approximately 3” in diameter.
Set of 5.

To use: 
Just add water and your favourite makeup cleanser to the reusable wipe. Gently massage your face with cloth until cleansed. Toss in laundry when finished.

100% cotton.
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