Routine - Armpit Tool

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Removes Buildup | Aids Lymphatic Drainage | Copper


Why, and what is an armpit tool? And why didn’t we learn about this in school? Isn’t talking about armpits like, really cool?

Soap is really nice for surface bacteria, but that soap alone doesn’t always cut it for armpits. Bacteria and product buildup can concentrate in your lil’ pits, so sometimes they need a bit of extra care and attention. Routine Armpit Tool, made of antibacterial copper, helps to remove that buildup and odour causing bacteria, whilst providing an excellent lymphatic drainage motion which is super beneficial for all around health. Your deodorant will be even more effective and your pits will be fresh and happy! Now you can for real throw your hands up in the air and wave them around like you just don’t care. But you do care. You care a lot.

For the freshest pits, pair with Routine Bar Soap.


To use: 

Lather your favorite soap or body wash into your armpits. Next, grab your Armpit Tool. Hold the handles and gently but firmly glide from the top of your armpit in a downwards motion with the upside down horseshoe. Repeat this motion a few times. Afterward drying off, dress your pits with your favorite deodorant.  




Recyclable Cardboard.