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Huna Skin Calendula Healing Oil Organic Skincare Made in Canada Natural Cruelty-free
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Huna Nourish Calendula Healing Oil with organic double-infused Calendula and Supercritical Calendula CO2 Extract, is Huna's most potent and pure organic Calendula flower oil ever developed, ideal for promoting rapid-fast & healthy healing of most skin wounds and concerns.  Calendula officinalis has been scientifically demonstrated to promote rapid healing of damaged and wounded skin, promoting healthy skin cell regeneration, improving hydration & firmness levels in skin, and possessing potent anti-inflammatory and antioxidant qualities.  Simply put- Calendula returns skin to optimal health, and helps to maintain it.

Contains Huna’s exclusive organic sunshine-grown Calendula officinalis in a double-strength infusion, with additional Calendula Supercritical CO2 Extract added for intense high-potency healing action.  Highly recommended for: cuts, wounds, scratches, rashes, irritations, sunburn, burns, eczema, rosacea, dermatitis, inflammatory reactions, broken, abraded or otherwise compromised skin. Makes a great facial massage oil.

Infused with a single Calendula flower bud, hand-picked from the Huna Skin Nutrition Gardens.

98.5% Organic.  100% Natural.  Vegan.  GMO-free.  Gluten-free.  Cruelty-free.  Biodegradable.

Net vol. 50ml

Contains 99% pure Calendula flower extract infused into Organic Camellia oil.  Calendula is known as ‘The Skin Botanical’ and is truly golden as a healing herbal medicine-based skin remedy.  Scientifically demonstrated to promote rapid healing of wounded & damaged skin, encourage healthy new skin cell regeneration, improve skin’s hydration and firmness levels, and contains powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties to effectively calm inflammation, reduce redness, soothe irritation, and promote healthy skin.

Organic Camellia Oil is effective at moisturizing and nourishing dry, dehydrated and parched skin.  Rapidly absorbed, Camellia oil (also known as Tsubaki oil), is extremely rich in antioxidants, oleic acid, fatty acids 3, 6, 9, and vitamins A, D, and E.  The nutrient profile of Camellia oil is highly compatible to human skin and delivers fast-absorbing moisture and nutrients straight into the dermis.  Vitamin A helps support healthy skin cell production, while Vitamin D supports healthy growth and repair of new skin cells.  Vitamin E helps skin to effectively retain moisture, improving the skin’s overall moisture level, softness, smoothness, and may help diminish the appearance of fine lines.


Apply as a healing oil, anywhere on face + body.  Apply as often as needed.  Ideal for skin irritations, wounds, rashes, sunburn, inflammatory, dry and dehydrated skin.  Makes a simple facial moisturizer for sensitive or irritated skin.  May be used as a facial massage oil for spa or at-home treatments.


Camellia oleifera* (camellia oil), Calendula officinalis* (calendula flower infusion), Calendula officinalis* (calendula CO2 extraction), Tocopherol (vitamin E).

77.9% Organic/Biologique.  *Organic or Wild-harvested ingredients/*Ingrédients biologiques ou récoltés à l’état sauvage.

Social Good:
- Huna donates $2 from every product sold to Mental Health + Postpartum initiatives.
- Not tested on animals.
- Made in Canada.

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