KR Cosmetics Lashes - Aquarius

KR Cosmetics

KR Cosmetics Lashes - Aquarius
  • KR Cosmetics Lashes - Aquarius
  • KR Cosmetics Lashes - Aquarius
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KR Lashes are a reusable faux-mink false lash that can be worn 20+ times. 

The Aquarius: These natural wispy lashes have a gradient of increasing and length making them the perfect lash for everyone!

  • Uses: 20+ 
  • Effect:   Wispy
  • Volume:  Medium

To use: 

Before applying for the first time, hold the false lash across your eye to ensure it fits. If the lash band is too long for your eye,  you may need to trim the band from the outer corner before applying.  

Apply a thin layer of your favourite lash glue to the false lash band. (Let glue dry for 30 seconds before applying. The lashes apply easier when the glue is tacky.) Gently press the lash band onto your eyelid, snug to your lash line (exactly where you would apply your eyeliner). Repeat for the second false lash. Allow to dry for a minute or so before batting your beautiful lashes all over the place. 

When you're ready to take them off, gently pull the lash band from the outer corner  and return to case for safe keeping.  Use any oil-based makeup remover to remove any leftover eyelash glue from your eye area. 


Recyclable cardboard and plastic packaging. 

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