February 21, 2020

That JUNO Glow

By Green Tree Beauty Staff
That JUNO Glow

With the Juno Awards https://junoawards.ca/ fast approaching, there are going to be non stop events and photo ops in our fine city. To get your face Juno ready, here are some tips for long lasting, flawless makeup that will keep you glowing during Canada’s top music award show!



Want to wear all the makeup without feeling or looking cakey? Quite often it’s the built up layers (yes, plural. Ew!) of dead skin on your face that makes your makeup appear cakey. Use a non-abrasive* exfoliator a couple times a week for healthy, glowing skin. You’ll find if you exfoliate regularly, your makeup will apply nicer to your skin and last longer. 

*Why non-abrasive? Anything with grit in it is actually just scratching your face, leaving you with micro cuts and scarring.     


Our Fave Exfoliator

Viva Amaze Exfoliating Gel 

Elate Organics Exfoliating Gel



Primer & Setting Spray

Speaking of long lasting makeup, use a primer and/or setting spray for more staying power. A primer is applied before your makeup. In addition to keeping your makeup on, it also helps to smooth your skin (think spackle for your face). A setting spray is applied after your makeup and is like hairspray for your face! (But please don’t use actual hairspray on your face - that’s not good for your skin or my heart.) 


Our Fave Primer

Elate Prep Makeup Primer 

Elate Cosmetics Primer



Start with your Eyes

Typically we tend to start with our foundation and coverage and then move on to the rest of the steps in our beauty ritual. What happens when we do that is we end up with more finger prints in our foundation than a poorly planned crime scene - not to mention all the fall from our eye shadow when we are going for the blackest of black smokey eye (or purple or gold or whatever your little heart desires). If you start with your eyes then clean up the fall with a Q-tip and cleanser, After that, apply your foundation- it will be fresh and flawless looking.     


Our Fave Foundation

 Elate Refresh Tint 

Elate Cosmetics Foundation




Adding eyeliner to your waterline gives you a sultry look but we need to talk about it… Firstly, you should never use anything other than a cream base eye pencil for your waterline. Secondly, your pencil should be freshly sharpened and sanitized because bacteria is gross (and dangerous so close your eyehole). Thirdly, it’s a great look but it’s not going to last all night due to the moist conditions near your eye so pack that liner in your purse to reapply throughout the night.    


Our Fave Eye Liner Pencil

 Pure Anada Eye Pencil

Pure Ananda Black Eyeliner Pencil



Long Lasting Lips

You know the girl at the end of the night who has the red circle around her lips as her lipstick wore off all but on the edges? Don’t want to be her? When applying your lip liner, apply it to your entire lip (using the side of the liner, not the point), followed by your lipstick. It will increase your lipstick’s staying power. 


Our Fave Lip Liner Pencil

Pure Anada Lip Pencil

Pure Anada Lip Pencil in Berry



Glow not Shine

Let’s face it, typically when you’re at a crowded event, things get stuffy and you may get a little shiny, especially in your T zone area. Pack a pressed powder so you can hit the powder room if all the gorgeous musicians in town are leaving you a little hot and bothered (AKA sweaty and gross). 


Our Fave Pressed Powder 

Elate Pressed Foundation

Elate Cosmetics Pressed Foundation


This article originally appeared in the Feb/Mar 2020 Edition of Flow Magazine http://flowmagazine.ca/

Text: Jennilee Cardinal-Schultz
Photo: Artspct (https://www.artspct.com/)
Model: Jamie Lawrence
Hair: Erika Tucker, Alchemy Collective
Makeup: Jennilee Cardinal-Schultz, Green Tree Beauty