September 17, 2020

Skincare for the Changing Weather

By Green Tree Beauty

Jennilee Cardinal Schultz

Jennilee Cardina-Schultz
Make-up Artist/Founder, Green Tree Beauty

As the weather gets colder, you may find your skin needing something more or a change in what you are using for your skincare ritual. Much like we switch up our wardrobe seasonally, you should be adjusting what you are using for skincare as the cold, dry weather often leaves skin feeling tight, dry and irritated. Changing one or two products can make all the difference in soothing your skin during the colder months. 

Cream, Milk and Oil Cleansers

A cream, milk or oil cleanser is a gentle, hydrating and effective way to cleanse your skin of makeup, pollutants and impurities.  

Huna Cleansing Creme

A creamy enzymatic cleanser that moisturizes and balances, while gently exfoliating and brightening skin. Leaves skin feeling and looking incredibly clean, revitalized, hydrated, soft, smooth and fresh.

Viva Organics Milk Cleanser

A protective cleansing solution that removes impurities, excess oil, and makeup without stripping away the skin’s natural moisture.

Living Libations Seabuckthorn Best Skin Ever

Use as an oil cleanser to revive and clarify the your skin and face. Seabuckthorn Best Skin Ever is packed with omega fatty acids, vitamins, lipids, and hundreds of bioactive compounds. May also be used as a serum.

Hyaluronic Acid

Hyaluronic Acid is your skin’s super hero, especially in the winter. Because of its small molecule size, it penetrates the skin with moisture and is also a humectant, attracting other moisture to your skin. 

Pranic Forest Hyaluronic Acid

In addition to the to the hydrating and soothing benefits of hyaluronic acid, Pranic Forest has also added essential oil of frankincense and neroli. Frankincense helps to further prevent fine lines, reduce inflammation, and prevent acne. Neroli helps improve skin health by regenerating and keeping your skin elastic. 

Viva Organics Pure Hyaluronic Acid

Viva's Pure Hyaluronic Acid Serum encourages your skin to retain its natural moisture from morning to night, leaving you with soft, hydrated and soothed skin. 

Luna Nectar Hydrate and Blur Serum

The first ever ocean-blue Hyaluronic Acid serum, designed to be simple but elegant - infused with minimal anti-oxidant-rich ingredients, yet potent enough to let the hyaluronic acid do its work. When applied to either bare skin, or under makeup, the serum provides a matte, blurred look.



Rich Creams for Dry Skin 

Depending on your skin and lifestyle, you may find you need a richer cream nightly, a luxurious balm for facial massage or something to protect your skin from the wind, while enjoying the outdoors.

Rose Glow Crème

This crème of botanical grace will bring balance to your skin as it sinks gracefully into your complexion. It harmonizes dry, pallid and wise skin with a pure palette of botanical bounty.

Huna Skin Nutrition Balm

This deeply moisturizing skin treatment intensely nourishes, replenishes, and protects while promoting healthy healing with the proven skin-healing botanical Calendula officinalis. It acts as a powerful skin protectant to shield exposed skin from harsh environmental elements like wind and cold.


Ash and Thorn Skin Repair

Featuring Calendula, this salve is an effective, intense moisturizer. Skin Repair is a multi-purpose product that may also be used a a hand and body lotion and for first aid. 

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