March 11, 2021

Meet The People Behind Viva Natural Skincare

By Morgan Darbellay
Meet The People Behind Viva Natural Skincare

Meet the People behind Viva Natural Skincare

It all started with the need for cleaner cosmetics since 2001. Amy, Co-Founder of Viva, worked in the health and wellness sector with years of experience in the supplements field. She saw a gap in her industry where it was lacking in options for healthy, natural skin care. 

Along with her husband, Jimmy, Co-Founder, chemistry guru, they set out to produce products that would help with their own skin needs. Particularly, their youngest daughter, Victoria, was experiencing teenage acne at the time and nothing the dermatologist or doctors recommended was helping. With what felt and was probably 1000 trials to get the right formulation, the very first product from Viva was born: the Amaze Exfoliating Gel.

Viva Amaze Exfoliating Gel
"This is one of my favourites. Why? Because it's so gentle yet you can see the job it does with removing the dead skin cells on my sensitive skin. I have re-ordered this numerous times and will continue to do so." 

Katherine, May 2020

The name Viva, originating from Spanish, represents celebration of life. The definition and structure of the word represents the founders' family. The two “V” are for their daughters Vivian and Victoria, symbolizing the flow of life, the ingredients and their energy. “I” found in Jimmy’s name, the formulator, the tree and pillar of Viva. And finally “A”, for Amy, the backbone and support of Viva Natural Skincare. Viva Natural Skincare is a Canadian company, based in Richmond, British Columbia.

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