March 22, 2021

How to Brighten Your Eye Area Using Concealer

By Green Tree Beauty
Brightening your eye with concealer title image

Each week, Jenny will share a quick, easy to follow skincare or makeup tip for you to try at home. No bullshit, no hyping products, just fun, time saving techniques for you to try when you’re getting creative with your cosmetics and skincare - hence the name “Just the Tip”.

When applying concealer to your eye area, two mistakes are often made: 

The first is using too much concealer, causing it to well up in the fine lines under the eye area. A very tiny bit goes a long way and you can always build up if needed.  

The second is the area between your inner eye and side of your nose is usually quite dark and gives away our "tiredness".  We often miss this area when applying concealer underneath the eye. Gently blend your concealer to cover any darkness between your eye and the side of your nose to brighten up your eyes. 

Jennilee's Picks For Concealer

Sweet LeiLani Cosmetics - Skin Care Cover Foundation, $28

Pressed, skincare infused correcting cream foundation with opaque finish, that conceals any skin imperfections from dark circles to rosacea and scarring while treating your skin with healing botanicals.

Elate FACE: Crème Revealer - CC1 $26

This sustainable concealer goes on smooth with a full coverage, and treats your skin to anti-inflammatory ingredients such as Evening Primrose. Use under the eyes or on blemishes to reveal your favourite features without distractions.

Jennilee's Pick to Apply Concealer

Elate BRUSHES: EyeColour Brush, $18

Shade and blend eyeshadows with ease using this high-performance makeup brush. This versatile brush precisely blends cream or powder shadows on the lids, or concealers and foundations undereye and around the face. Its medium size bristles provide ultimate control. 

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