March 06, 2020


By Green Tree Beauty Staff
inspirational women to watch in 2020

In celebration of International Women’s Day on March 8, 2020, we wanted to highlight a few of the inspirational women behind the brands we offer. Did you know that 16 of the 20 lines we carry are female owned/operated? How rad is that?! 

Although each woman featured below is unique and fabulous in her own way, they all share a passion for taking care of people and the planet - and we are so very proud to support them at Green Tree Beauty!


Melodie Reynolds

Founder, Elate Cosmetics 

Having spent her entire career in the beauty industry, Melodie founded Elate Cosmetics in 2014, after being dismayed with the ingredients and packaging of conventional beauty products. From sustainable, minimal packaging to clean ingredients that are ethically sourced, Melodie and her team have thought of it all- and continually strive to do better. We are huge fans Elate Essential Mascara but our absolute favourite thing about Elate and Melodie is that she chooses to put people and the planet before profits. 

Beauty Independent published an awesome interview with Melodie which you can read here. 

Heather Urquhart

Founder and Master Formulator, Huna 

Heather is a self proclaimed ‘health nut’ but was having a hard time finding clean skincare products to nourish her skin. With a background in science and botany, she knew there had to be many benefits to using plants as skincare so she began researching and formulating. Huna Skin Nutrition was founded in 2014. Many of the ingredients used in their offerings are grown Huna’s Organic Garden which is located in Southeastern Manitoba.  They grow over 30 unique species of skin-healing, skin-regenerating, and skin-loving botanicals. Production and formulation takes place at the University of Manitoba where Huna also partners with scientists to research ingredients and develop new products.  

Learn more about Huna’s Organic Skin Nutrition Garden here. 

Check out Huna Products here.


Ninetta Savino

Founder & Herbalist, Ash & Thorn Herbal Remedies 

The knowledge this woman has about plants and their healing properties is unreal.  Plants are a lifelong passion for Ninetta, who spent her childhood summers in the boreal forest. That passion led her to study herbalism and create her own line of handcrafted, small batch salves, skin and hair care products. She handpicks many of the ingredients herself, while working exclusively with ethical suppliers for the rest. We confidently recommend her herbal remedies to our clients for whatever ails them, knowing they will find relief with her formulas. She truly cares about people and created this line to help those around her. 


Ninetta  has created a great Free Online Plant Learning Centre. Check it out here. 

 Shop Ash and Thorn here. 

Adrienne Piercy- Naturally Amped

Adrienne Percy

Founder and Gut Health Coach, Naturally Amped 

After her own journey in discovering that her health issues were rooted in her gut, Adrienne decided to dedicate her career to guiding others through their gut health journey. She is passionate about educating people on the importance of good gut health and how it affects everything from your skin to your brain. Under the name Naturally Amped, she offers a line of gut health foods including krauts, kimchi and and digestive tonics which are made by slow, traditional fermentation processes in Saskatoon. 


Read about Naturally Amp’s delicious krauts here. Our fave is the Dill Pickle Kraut.

And you can shop all Naturally Amp's products here.  


Wendy May 

Founder, Glitterevolution

Tackling micro-plastic glitter pollution seems like a daunting task. However, Wendy May also knew she couldn’t just sit by without doing something. She founded Glitterevolution, a plant based biodegradable glitter company, so that humans may enjoy the magic of glitter without the guilt of polluting the planet. Glitterevolution isn’t just about making a profit, it’s a company with purpose. They work hard to educated people on the dangers of micro plastics for our environment. They also contribute a percentage of their sales to cause partner 5 Gyres Institute, a research and education non-profit dedicated to fighting the crisis of ocean plastic pollution. 


Read about the exact moment that changed everything for Wendy, here

And shop Glitterrevolution here.