January 31, 2020

Dishing the Dirt on Synthetic Scent

By Green Tree Beauty Staff
Dishing the Dirt on Synthetic Scent

Did you know that many candles on the market contain synthetic fragrances which are derived from petrochemicals?

Synthetic fragrances can contain any number of hormone-disrupting toxic chemicals. In a candle, they are ignited. As a candle burns these toxins are released into the air, which is breathed in. These synthetic scents directly impact our air quality and health.

You are probably wondering why companies would choose to use synthetic fragrances.

  1. The main reason is that they are cheap! 
  2. They have a long shelf life. 
  3. Synthetic fragrances are formulated to be strong. Our olfactory systems have been constantly overwhelmed since the growth of the petrochemical industry in the past 50+ years. The increase of scent sensitivities is due, in part, to the toxic chemical cocktail that is everywhere we turn. 
  4. Lastly, synthetics are used to create scents that don’t exist or that can’t be easily extracted from plants, smells like bubble gum, guava, or ocean mist. 

Our olfactory system can be damaged when it is continually exposed to chemical toxins and heavy metals. They are impossible to avoid as fragrance is in nearly everything we use; from household cleaning products to laundry detergent to skincare, makeup, shampoo, and lotions. These chemicals can cross over into the brain and cause further damage. We are just beginning to discover the long-term harmful effects that this exposure is having on us.

Minimize your exposure by being selective about what products you invest in. Start by purchasing items that are botanically based and formulated. Essential oils come from nature and don’t behave like synthetics. They come from the earth; they are the lifeblood of a plant and are much more complex.

The olfactory system links our sense of smell to our memories and emotions. I often have customers tell me that the Fire element blend (both candle & ritual mist) reminds them of their grandma. The Earth blend has become sought after for smelling like petrichor, that scent when the sun hits the earth after it rains.

Very few candles on the market contain only essential oils. Working with plant botanicals is expensive and requires much more research, development, and testing. In today’s society, obsessed with profitability and productivity, being intentional, patient, and thoughtful bucks the trend.

Botanical aromatics and essential oils smell like nature because they come from nature. They smell like a forest, a flower, fresh dirt, worn leather, musk. They have a consciousness, they are precious, and offer much wisdom, comfort, and support.


When you purchase an Alauna Whelan candle, you are getting a candle made with pure essential oils and 100% North American grown soy wax. No harmful synthetic fragrances or dyes, only high-quality natural ingredients. 


Each time you light an Alauna Whelan intention candle, you can breathe easy.


Author: Alauna Whelan